Placebo – The Bitter End – Lyrics

We’re running out of alibis
On the second of May
Reminds me of the summer time
On this winter’s day

See you at the bitter end
See you at the bitter end

Every step we take that’s synchronized
Every broken bone
Reminds me of the second time
That I followed you home

You shower me with lullabies
As you’re walking away
Reminds me that it’s killing time
On this fateful day

*”From the time we intercepted
Feels a lot like suicide
Slow and sad, grown inside us
Arouse and see you’re mine

Love has seen your run-around
Who wanna seek you now?
I want a peace
I’d whine out

love’s reached his side
Grab this gentleness inside
Heard a cry
Six feet down
In six weeks’ time
The mess you left
Will end “