Lucya Russo – The Worst Thing – Lyrics – Video

the worst thing i can ever do
is true trust you
damn right boy I’m sick of you
you and i ourself through
but you don’t understand me no
what i so you
oh boy you know that i
deserve much better
time time they say give it time
but I’m needed you and now
’cause I’m so fed up with all your stupid lies
baby can’t you see you .. me

the worst thing i can ever do is love you
so please stop tryin
when we …’cause we’re not gonna make it
i made up my mind on Monday
so I’m bout spreading ..down me
you and i we don’t exist
i finally crossed you about this
you’re the worst thing in my life

oh baby please don’t you cry
you’ll found someone else who will believe your lies
and give a bad dream
but you wont’ understand her no
what’s .. saw you
what goes down comes around
they call it ..
don’t worry ’cause hse will learn ..
that i’m up to now ..

yeah boy this song’ s for you
bet you really like it
i wont’ ..leave me alone
but you didn’t listen
no you never understood me no
..told you